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Since 2008, she has traveled to these outposts to document Armenian life for a book that she hopes will come out next year and for which she just began a Kickstarter campaign.“The real driving force of this project has been my frustration that Armenians were largely only known as victims, and that most available literature about our community has us dying out or disappearing in 1915, which is absurd,” she said.Support for a national Jewish state was notably greater after the wholesale annihilation of Jews during .Scout Tufankjian recalls childhood afternoons at her grandmother’s house, paging through Armenian magazines and wondering about the people she saw in photos from all over the globe. “What did a kid in Boston have in common with them?“Armenians are a strong, vibrant diaspora with over eight million Armenians living in over 85 countries across the globe.

The 100-million figure quoted by Salmond remains a generous estimate and is largely made up of those who claim indirect Scottish ancestry.

Ray Ndlovu has been a correspondent for the Mail & Guardian in Zimbabwe since 2009.

His areas of interest include politics and business.

“I used to wonder, what did I have in common with these people? What does it mean to be Armenian if you grow up in Calcutta or Buenos Aires?

” While Armenians had long settled in other parts of the world, the violence of the Armenian genocide in Turkey — begun 99 years ago — set in motion a global exodus that has established communities in many corners of the world. Tufankjian has come to appreciate that diaspora’s diversity, which she saw as a much-needed addition to the traditional historical view of her people.

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