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All the experts and survivors can do is lower the veil, Derry said."Really this class is about breaking denial, at the very least," Kotz said. "It's very unlikely in the first place that they were caught, but for them to be caught again is extremely unlikely.""My name is Ashley and I was sexually abused by my father. My dad would come into my bedroom and molest me every night for years.

I later met TJ, a guy who I later found out was a gang member and trafficker who promised me a better life. I'm 15 years old."Derry has done a lot of work with men who abuse women. Whether that will result in him ending the prostituting of women, we don’t know.

And I think the truth speaks for itself." Gender Violence Institute co-founder Chuck Derry talks May 26 about concepts he uses while trying to teach men about the realities of sex trafficking. They've also advocated for tougher penalties for people who buy sex.

Derry spoke recently at a new program targeted at convicted buyers of sex in Central Minnesota. Historically, the trauma caused by prostitution and trafficking hasn’t been recognized, Pinto said.“Criminal laws are a reflection of how our society views a particular issue.

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I remember that we would work on Saturday afternoons sometimes and the girls would not be working so they'd come by and even request songs that we had written.

I remember a young lady from New York--I'll never forget that--she requested "Lady Down On Love" over and over every time she came to The Bowery.

Honestly, I think it's a combination of a bunch of things and I'll name three or four of them. We don't run away from it and try to be somebody in Hollywood or whatever. I think that is important to people: The authenticity of being who you really are.

I also think we were very lucky that we could write and that the songs that we wrote appealed to people from a generation and a half of people, and now it's a three generation thing. We put so much into rearranging songs from the record they would play on the radio into something to cater to our particular audience.

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