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AP Photo/Discovery Health Channel, Spencer Tirey The Duggars greeted the 16th addition to the family in 2005, the same year Josh, the oldest son, was named in an underage sex abuse probe.

TLC suspended the family’s reality show earlier this month.

"Here in the regime here in Baltimore, I'm not allowed to carry my musket," raged William Temple — a Georgian Tea Partier dressed as Patrick Henry — said outside the ballroom ahead of Bush's address. " A man strolling by in a business suit wasn't impressed. ” demanded Temple, dressed in the garb of Founding Father Patrick Henry and waving a “Don’t Tread On Me” banner. We’ve had Mc Cain, we’ve had Romney, -- and we do not need a Bush.” After his exchange with Hannity, Bush headed to a reception for his Right to Rise PAC, where he spoke briefly before a meet and greet with supporters.

Jeb Bush, the early front-runner in the race for the GOP 2016 nomination, was booed several times and faced a tense Q-and-A session with Sean Hannity during his highly anticipated Friday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Bush was met with a chorus of “boos” from the crowd outside Washington when Hannity, a Fox News Channel talk show host, asked about Bush's prior support for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

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