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More June 8, 2011 - The term “debt relief” materializes several different ways but has one specific meaning--relieving debt as the partial or total forgiveness of debt.

This can be done through re-organizing and re-prioritizing finances or by working with a debt relief company to reconcile the balance to a manageable amount.

See how the class helped Marta understand the process and achieve success.

Click the "View Report" button for detailed results.The debt consolidation industry offers solutions to combine multiple debts, such as credit card bills, home loans, or other loans into one monthly payment.This debt management solution may be helpful for consumers with many outstanding debts, especially if they have debts with high interest rates.Start managing your debt » Credit cards offer a unique challenge when it comes to debt due to high interest rates and minimum payments that barely make a dent in your balances. Take control of your credit » Your home is your most important asset and we can help you protect it!From reverse mortgages for seniors to counseling for first-time homebuyers, our HUD-certified team helps you find solutions.

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