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She played Meryl Streep's scheming daughter Sophie in Mamma Mia!(2008), which grossed more than 0 million (£388 million), stole scenes from Lindsay Lohan in her film debut, Mean Girls (2004), and outclassed Megan Fox in Diablo Cody's horror film Jennifer's Body last year.Seyfried remembers watching an episode of Big Love with her family. 'I remember I had a fight with my friend when I touched a boy for the first time and I didn't tell her.'I was sitting there watching and all of a sudden it cut to a scene where two people are having sex, and it's me! She got mad with me, not because I didn't tell her but because I'd done it in the first place.Rumours of a romance began in spring last year after they filmed Dream House, a thriller due out this autumn in which they play a married couple.

She stayed with the award-winning show, about a polygamist Mormon and his family, for six years, simultaneously filming the acclaimed mystery series Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell for three years. there was a small-town mindset that made me feel that sex was somehow wrong.When Bond star Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz married in New York last Wednesday, they caught the paparazzi napping.The ceremony took place in a friend's home and was attended by Rachel's five-year-old son, Henry (his dad is Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky), and Daniel's 18-year-old daughter, Ella, from a former marriage - plus two friends who acted as witnesses.But the father-of-one is wasting no time, and has allegedly grown close to a former 'Take Me Out' contestant called Stephanie Hodson.He says Steph is the daughter of friends but there was a rumour on the night that something is going on between them.

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