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Danny once helped Steve as terrified abuse victim but can't trough to him and suspects discrimination drove him to extremism.The key is provided by his family, as the ex of his brother, economics academic Adam Hassan, is detected by a 'random' roadblock, driving with their 9 year-old son Jacob.It's not often that I encountered, face-to-face, any of the rock stars I had slept with until Simon Kirke bought a house in Bellport.Bellport is a bucolic village on Long Island's south shore full of famous people avoiding the weekend gawkers, paparazzi and the decadence of the Hamptons, which is just down the road.Afterward, the party was in the Beverly Hills home of one of the guys from Swan Song records. Drummers didn't have the ego of frontmen and they seemed to be more in their own heads — more cerebral, which was interesting to me. It was a competition among groupies and I had to aim big: Robert Plant or Paul Rodgers. When he got up and nodded toward the back door, everyone saw — especially Lori and another groupie, Queenie. I held my champagne glass high and strutted, bumping into people slightly to make sure that everyone would turn to see that Robert Plant had taken me by the hand and was leading me toward a guesthouse in the back of the property.

“I think that allowed me to be freer and go with the flow, so this album felt like a sort of emancipation from pressure.” Cook’s songs exude confidence instead of being intimidated by Plant or a group of players that included singer and bassist Me’Shell N’Degeocello, guitarist David Garza, singer-songwriter Ben Kweller and her friend Patty Griffin.

, she has a rock ‘n’ roll legend, a queer music icon and a noted producer just hanging around doing their thing to make her shine.

All in a day’s work for the lesbian singer who nonchalantly acknowledges the cred that has landed on her album.

My then-husband and kids and I had a little beach house in Bellport, and I had a thriving personal training business of famous clientele who didn't want to stop exercising just because they weren't in the city. On New Year's Eve, as midnight passed and all children had long been sent home with babysitters, I was just tipsy enough to sit at the bar next to Simon Kirke.

One winter night, Patricia, the chic owner of the town's hip restaurant who was always looking for clients for me, told me, sotto voce, that Mick Jones of Foreigner and Simon Kirke from Bad Company had just bought two houses near the bay for their big families and were coming to the restaurant on New Year's Eve. We said cheers and happy New Year, and then I said with a smile, "I wonder if we slept together about 20 years ago."I then told a story that went something like this: Bad Company opened for Led Zeppelin in Los Angeles and I was backstage with the concert promoter, Danny Kresky. So I got Robert Plant's attention by lighting his cigarette, one knee on the couch next to him, as if I were about to straddle his lap.

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