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Expectations were low when the show premiered last summer, in large part because it had landed on Lifetime, whose edgiest effort to date was selling Jennifer Love Hewitt as a happy hooker in “The Client List.” But the creators have a wonderfully wicked agenda.

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, a former producer on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” clearly had an ax to grind, and she sharpened the blade by teaming up with Marti Noxon, best known for giving the scripts on “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” an extra kick.

However, Lewis - who filed the lawsuit on Thursday - says the company used his image to promote their Absolut Hunk cocktail on the internet. » Sex And The City heart-throb Jason Lewis is being sued for 0,000 by ex-girlfriend Maxine Bahns after allegedly failing to repay a loan.— playing a role in one contestant’s suicide are easily washed away with a few vodka shots.Yes, I’m a bit of a manipulator, she says to someone she’s trying to manipulate, “but I’m the only one doing it for the right reasons.” Even more soulless is her mentor, Quinn (Constance Zimmer), who keeps breaking promises to give her protégée more control, if only because it would mean fewer opportunities to bark out euphemisms for private parts from the control room and practically drool in anticipation of how viewers will react to contestants’ sob stories.In Season 2, which premieres Monday, the two are busy patting each other on the back for casting reality TV’s first black bachelor, a milestone that has more to do with ratings than a social statement.“He’s not black,” says Quinn, attempting to sell the image of her draft pick, a pro quarterback with a public image problem.

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