Women dating men motorcycle

Harley Dating dedicates to providing single Harley riders within the best opportunities to meet, date and marry Harley singles who share the same interest in riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

This site is the biggest and most easy-to-use dating club which is customized for Harley riders.

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Seems to me you are either talking to women who simply are after you for possessions, what you can give her, a thrill ride or the sort. I ride because i like to ride, whether a woman likes it or not is completely up to her, i couldnt care less.There are lots of forms of excitement besides motorcycles, contrary to the belief of some middle aged men.I don't think anyone is saying they hate bikes, just that they don't go nuts over them, cause that was the question he asked. My younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident....Usually these women have a very long clitoris and/or labia minora that stick out so they get aroused on bikes and horses more than other women do. Also, All these men with motorcycles seem like they are screaming "mid-life" crisis.But lets face it, some of the big, bad ass, tatooed, guys who ride Harley Hogs are real macho men and not afraid to fight other men and coppers at a drop of a hat and some women just naturally fall for these hairy, muscular, macho types. I could care less if a man drove a motorcycle, a nice car or a pick up truck.. Been there already with the ex...mention of motorcycles usually causes me to pass right by a profile. I don't find excitement in straddling a huge piece of vibrating steel and have wind blowing in my face.

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